Dear Masc4masc Guys

Dear Masc4masc guys on Grindr,


I find it really cute that you think you’re masculine because, in all honesty, you’re probably less masculine than my sister. You just walk around saying, Dude and Bro, a lot and you think that because you watch sports, go to the gym, and drink beer you are somehow less gay than me.

Guess what, “bro,” you take a dick up the ass or stick yours up one just like every other gay man and your internalized shame and homophobia of yourself is really getting old.  Is there some definition or action that makes you more masculine? I ask because I have done long distance backpacking trips, went hunting regularly for 6 years and bagged and tagged my own deer and antelopes gutting them out bare handed, then drug it back to hunting camp skinned it, and then butchered it when I got home. I’ve built shit with my own hands using power tools and building materials, I mow the grass, I enjoy lake days and boating, change my own oil and work on my car, and go to the gym too.

But let me make it clear that I’m not “Masc” just because I do or have done those things. The difference between you and me is that in addition to those “masculine” things I also enjoy “feminine” things like yoga, cooking, baking, ballet and operas, theater, cocktails, and dressing in drag. That doesn’t change who I am or make me any less of a man than you.  It’s taken me a long time to finally be comfortable with myself and to like what I like and not care what other think and not waste my time with things I do not like.

So “Masc” bros stop placing me and every other gay in a box because I don’t have a three-day scruff beard going on and I don’t even lift…bro…I don’t want to be a muscular meathead, I want to be a toned, intelligent, free thinking, healthy individual and I guess I should probably thank you for putting something so unintelligent as masc4masc on your profile because then I know not to even waste my time trying to talk to you because you are just as closed minded as right wing Republicans. 

So masc4masc bro, good luck finding someone like you. I’m glad you all will all be pairing up and getting the hell out of the way so I can find someone more interesting and who’s not as narrow-minded as you because honestly you’re not that interesting to talk to and the exact reason why I don’t like straight guys.  I need someone that has something going intellectually because, looks fade, and I want to do marriage right unlike our straight counterparts and so many gay relationships. I want to be married once and that means falling in love with someone’s soul and personality, not looks or how they act. Have fun being alone at 45 because you have no personality and your masc boyfriend cheated on you with someone else. 


Not So Sincerely,


Someone who does “Masc” things and “Fem” things.