He took a haggard breath looking up from his deathbed with complete clarity as the beeping of the machines fell silent around him.

“I’ve made many friends in this life, some of them for a short time, others for a lifetime. I can even remember my first friend from when I was five, but it is you that I’m glad who gets to be my last friend.” 

his grip slowly softens and the light fades out of his eyes as he expels his final breath.

3 thoughts on “Clippings”

  1. To live life in such a way that I may meet Death as an old friend.~ J.E.N.II

    (‘It’s a gift to be there when someone enters the world, and to be PRESENT when they leave it.’ ~Victoria Davis Lyon)

  2. I tear up Everytime I read this. Very few people understand the importance of that last best friend….it’s an honour, Zak

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