Are We Still Together?

Hello Everyone!

Gosh, I’ve had such an overwhelming response of nice messages I’ve barely been able to keep up! If you’re reading this right now it’s more than likely because you saw my episode of Catfish last night and want to know if Garrett and I are still together. So I thought I would write this short post and answer everyone’s burning question.

Sorry to disappoint but Garrett and I were never officially “together”. We still talk and we still tell each other we love each other, but no, we are not together. Distance is a really shitty thing. We both want each other but know because of the distance it would only end in heartbreak. He made plans to move with his best friend this summer and he is a man of his word, which I respect, and so it would be at least a year before he would be ready to move out of Kansas and I don’t want to move somewhere that far and new only to move again in less than a year.

After watching the episode I even made the leap today saying that maybe we should reconsider dating, because the episode brought back all of my feelings and I realized I don’t care about the distance or how long it would take but, unfortunately, it’s just bad timing right now. Don’t be sad though that’s the beauty of life, nothing is permanent, I’m making plans to go see him once he’s settled this summer and I’ll be holding out hope that I will be with the love of my life this time next year. Everyone cross your fingers for me!

Zak Awry

PS. I will cut you if you try to hit on my future husband.


I’m not sure what to call these, but I’m calling them clippings.

“Don’t worry you’re young, you’ll love again.” She tried to console

He looked at her thoughtfully, drying his eyes, considering this.

“Life is full of many different kinds of love, each of them as unique
and different as the person you loved.  Even if we were to get back
together, the love we had is forever gone. Changed. Different. It will
never be the same. I’m not crying because I fear I’ll never love again,
I cry because I’m mourning this very unique and special love we shared that’s forever gone.”

~An excerpt from a book I’ll never write